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Have you had difficulty articulating your People Team's ROI and getting executive buy-in for the People Practices you want to carry out? It can be a common challenge, but luckily there is a way you can prove your value to the organization.

The key is to show the major business impact that optimizing People Practices like hiring, onboarding, and managing talent can create.

You can do this by using the concept of Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV) to calculate the relative return of optimized People Practices.

With our ELTV kit, which includes our comprehensive, data-backed white paper and interactive proposal template, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the ROI of investing in People to company executives
  • Understand the 4 ways to increase ELTV in your organization
  • Create a business case to get buy-in for the resources and tools you need to carry out optimized People Practices like those relating to hiring, onboarding, and talent management