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Being the people-person you are, you already know it’s essential to understand what employees at your company are thinking and feeling. It’s your goal to inform key stakeholders what areas need adjustment and also which are doing really well.  

However, conducting in-person meetings to collect employee feedback isn’t an accurate measure of employee sentiment. To get real tangible scientific data, implementing an employee engagement survey is a much more scalable source of truth!

So, how do you do this... and is it too late?

In this Hiring Hacks webinar, Cheryl Roubian, Director of Talent Management, uses data to drive improvement and engagement at her company, Greenhouse. In this webinar, she partnered with Steven Huang, Insights Strategist at Culture Amp to share their tips for success as well as:

  • When is the right time to conduct a survey
  • Why implementing an employee engagement survey is important
  • How to design a thoughtful and scientifically sound survey
  • What to do with the data you collect

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