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What is Greenhouse Software?

Greenhouse is a recruiting platform that improves your entire recruiting process. From finding, tracking, and vetting to hiring the best candidates, Greenhouse makes recruiting the strategic advantage that moves your company forward.


  • Interview Kits help your team conduct better interviews and provide relevant feedback without extra training.
  • Manage tasks and track progress through automated communications and alerts.
  • Powerful sourcing tools let you optimize your efforts and track performance.
  • Holistic tracking and reporting provide valuable, actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting process.
  • Improve your hiring brand and impress the best candidates.


  • Simplify best practices for recruiting top talent.
  • Monitor recruiting activity and optimize the hiring process.
  • Automate the tedious aspects of recruiting (sourcing, scheduling, collecting interview feedback).
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions and acquire better talent over time.